Blu-Ray Review – Color of Noise

Amphetamine Reptile records was a record label that specialised in Noise Rock which came out of the wake of the end of Hardcore Punk and went somewhat parallel with the birth of Grunge in the late ’80s/Early ’90s. Mudhoney who are often considered by many to be the band they invented the Seattle sound that … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Color of Noise


London Film Festival Review – Carol

Todd Haynes is the only director to really survive the “New Queer Cinema” boom of the ’90s but by his 2nd feature Safe his Queerness was brought into question. The film on the surface level was about a straight woman with multiple chemical sensitivity despite being an obvious statement on the Aids crisis. Gay critics didn’t understand the … Continue reading London Film Festival Review – Carol

London Film Festival Review – High Rise

J.G. Ballard was the greatest post-war author Britain has ever known and his relationship to cinema is a curious one. The first cinematic adaptation of his work was Empire of the Sun by Steven Spielberg which remains Spielberg’s crowning achievement but one of his least successful films. The 2nd was Cronenberg’s Crash which relocates the Shepperton set dystopia … Continue reading London Film Festival Review – High Rise