Blu-Ray Review – High Rise

J. G. Ballard was the greatest post-war author Britain has ever known and his relationship to cinema is a curious one. The first cinematic adaptation of his work was Empire of the Sun by Steven Spielberg which remains Spielberg’s crowning achievement but one of his least successful films. The 2nd was Cronenberg’s Crash which relocates the Shepperton set [...]


Blu-Ray Review – Kiss of Death

As you might imagine from the title, Kiss of Death (1947) is a film noir. It marks the screen debut of Richard Widmark, who would become one of the iconic actors of film noir (and was still appearing onscreen into the 1990s). Widmark stars as the psychotic killer Tommy Udo. The story is over a [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Poor Cow

Ken Loach by 1967 had made an enormous splash in tele-plays with the original adaptation of Up The Junction and his best known and controversial Cathy Come Home. Naturally a career in the cinema was calling and Poor Cow was his debut feature which would start this extraordinary and long career in the cinema. He [...]

Jeremy Thomas Interview

I had the great pleasure to talk to Jeremy Thomas and visit his extraordinary office back during the 2015 London film festival. Thomas had High-Rise in the festival and we talked about that film but also his extraordinary career which includes producing such films as The Last Emperor (which he won the Best Picture Oscar for), [...]