Eileen – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Eileen is the new film from director William Oldroyd, who made a splash back in 2016 with his debut feature, Lady Macbeth. He has taken his time to follow it up, and Eileen is the audacious result. It is based on Ottessa Moshfegh's debut novel of the same name: Moshfegh has since became a literary … Continue reading Eileen – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Royal Warriors – Blu-Ray Review

Royal Warriors is a Hong Kong action film from the mid-‘80s with Michelle Yeo. It’s the second on a very, very loose series of nine films known as “In the Line of Duty.” It follows on from Yes, Madam!, but there is no continuous story—the films are connected by their focus on cops, and Yeoh’s … Continue reading Royal Warriors – Blu-Ray Review