Catfight – Blu-Ray Review

Catfight played some festivals last year, but didn't get anywhere near the release it should’ve had. It’s a riotous black comedy that rarely lets up during the film’s running time of 96 minutes. It boasts performances from Sandra Oh and Anne Heche, who have great interplay between each other. It’s a film about privilege in New York City, and … Continue reading Catfight – Blu-Ray Review

Stop Making Sense – Blu-Ray Review

“I’ve got a tape I want to play.” Byrne says and then kicks into a solo rendition of Talking Heads’ immortal Psycho Killer with a drum machine being played in the back. The tightly controlled and choreographed show with one member of the original band joining Byrne at a time and after the initially 4 members … Continue reading Stop Making Sense – Blu-Ray Review

Umberto D. – Blu-Ray Review

Italian neorealism was an important development in cinema during the late '40s, immediately after the end of WW2. It was a movement led by directors who grew up and came of age during fascist Italy under Mussolini. The main filmmakers involved were Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Luchino Visconti. They rejected making films in studios and … Continue reading Umberto D. – Blu-Ray Review

The Life of Oharu – Blu-Ray Review

 The Life of Oharu is directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, who is considered by many to be the greatest director to ever come out of Japan. He was favoured by French critics at Cahiers du Cinéma over those who, like Akira Kurosawa, were considered too Western, as they saw Mizoguchi as more culturally “Japanese.” Schlock maestro Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment has said repeatedly that he considers Princess … Continue reading The Life of Oharu – Blu-Ray Review