Dad Month at Indicator – Blu-Ray Review

This month is “Dad Month” at Indicator, with four releases that are all complete “dad movies.” The first one is Hellfighters, followed by Midway, MacArthur and Gray Lady Down. Three are military films, then there’s Hellfighters, a fire-fighting movie that also has a military angle. And they’re all good Sunday afternoon films to watch with your dad. Hellfighters is a John Wayne picture directed by Andrew … Continue reading Dad Month at Indicator – Blu-Ray Review

The Damned (1969) – Blu-Ray Review

Rainer Werner Fassbinder once called The Damned “perhaps the greatest film, the film that I think means as much to the history of film as Shakespeare to the history of theatre.” That is one of the most hyperbolic things the man ever said, but you totally get why Fassbinder loved the film: it deals with … Continue reading The Damned (1969) – Blu-Ray Review

Demonic – Blu-Ray Review

Demonic is the latest film from Neill Blomkamp, who wowed the world with his debut (and undeniably his best film), District 9. Over the next decade, Blomkamp only finished two feature films, Elysium and Chappie. However, he has had numerous projects in development hell, such as the ill-fated Halo film and a new sequel to the Alien series that erases the third and fourth … Continue reading Demonic – Blu-Ray Review