Blu-Ray Review – ’80s Rambo Trilogy

Studiocanal the UK rights holders for the '80s Rambo trilogy has re-released the 3 films in brand new 4K mastered Blu-Rays; there is also a 4K UltraHD release for you nerds. Hilariously they call them cult films in the press release when all three were HUGE box-office draws which is the antithesis of a cult … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – ’80s Rambo Trilogy


Blu-Ray Review – Incubus

Incubus is one of those barking mad early '80s supernatural slasher films that often had some great actor slumming it. In this case it's none other than the godfather of indie film John Cassavetes! He actually worked with the film's director John Hough on Brass Target, which also starred Sophia Loren. Cassavetes even when he was … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Incubus