Blu-Ray Review – Sign o’ the Times

Sign O' the Times was the second film Prince directed after the cult oddity Under the Cherry Moon, which was a disastrous flop. The soundtrack album, Parade, was a massive hit no doubt due to the single “Kiss.” Instead of making another narrative film, Prince decided it was about time to make a concert film. Originally Purple Rain director Albert Magnoli … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Sign o’ the Times

Blu-Ray Review – Holiday (1938)

Holiday is a screwball comedy from 1938—and its actually a remake of a 1930 film, which in turn was based on a Broadway play. That was a common trajectory at the time, with The Maltese Falcon being one of the most famous examples. It was one of first in the genre to star Cary Gran … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Holiday (1938)

Blu-Ray Review – QT8: The First Eight

QT8: The First Eight is a feature-length documentary on the ex-video clerk who made good, which made all less-successful video clerks resentful... Quentin Tarantino. The documentary has been in legal limbo for a while due to the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal, since the Weinstein Company bought the film sight unseen. Tarantino himself had to break … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – QT8: The First Eight