Revolver (1973) – Blu-Ray Review

Revolver is an Italian cop movie from 1973 featuring Oliver Reed. Director Sergio Sollima had by this point made a bunch of spaghetti westerns, including some famous ones like The Big Gun Down and Face to Face. From there he moved into poliziottesco—his first was Violent City, which was written Lina Wertmüller. The wife of … Continue reading Revolver (1973) – Blu-Ray Review

Fire Sale – Blu-Ray Review

Fire Sale was the second film directed by actor Alan Arkin after his gloriously unhinged black comedy Little Murders. It's so bad that it basically killed off Arkin's once-promising directorial career, with Arkin the opportunity to make just a couple of shorts and TV episodes in the 45 years since. It was based on the novel by … Continue reading Fire Sale – Blu-Ray Review