The Gods Of American Gods

The word ‘seminal’ is a fairly over-used adjective these days but it’s absolutely applicable to Neil Gaiman’s wondrous novel, ‘American Gods’. Telling the story of the Old Gods and the New Gods as they battle for the worship of the American masses, the novel is a story of immigration, religion and folklore as much as [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Sea of Love

No it's not about Trump's inauguration day. Sea of Love is a pretty standard whodunnit with Al Pacino, which he made after his four-year break from filmmaking that followed the big flop that was Revolution. He’s a homicide detective whose wife has left him for one of his fellow officers, he has an alcohol problem, [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z is the latest film by James Gray, one of the best directors working today, despite his whining about not earning enough to be able to afford a house in a recent interview with Vulture. The movie tells the extraordinary true story of British adventurer Percival Fawcett who, unlike all of [...]