Cutter’s Way – Blu-Ray Review

Cutter’s Way is based on Newton Thornburg’s book Cutter and Bone, and directed by Ivan Passer. Passer was a Czech filmmaker who, together with Miloš Forman, left after the 1968 invasion—like Forman, he had been one of the premier filmmakers of the Czech New Wave, co-writing A Blonde in Love and The Fireman’s Ball with … Continue reading Cutter’s Way – Blu-Ray Review

Still: A Michael J Fox Movie – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

This documentary about Michael J. Fox covers his life and, of course, his experience of having Parkinson’s Disease. It’s a pretty straightforward chronological version of his personal story, his work as an actor, and his involvement with Parkinson’s Disease research after his diagnosis with an early onset form of the disorder in 1991. Fox did … Continue reading Still: A Michael J Fox Movie – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

Fancy Dance – Film Review (Sundance 2023)

One of the greatest failings of the US government has been that until the last few years there had been no official database of missing and murdered indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people, when there was crime data being collected for every other demographic. They have been socially, economically, and politically marginalised since the moment … Continue reading Fancy Dance – Film Review (Sundance 2023)