Swimming with Sharks – Blu-Ray Review

Swimming with Sharks was George Huang's directorial debut after Robert Rodriguez encouraged him to quit his job at Columbia Pictures and just make a film. Rodriguez had just sold El Mariachi to Columbia, and they stuck up a friendship that lasts to this day. It's based on the experiences he and his friends had working as assistants to … Continue reading Swimming with Sharks – Blu-Ray Review

Wild Search – Blu-Ray Review

Wild Search was directed Ringo Lam during his most popular period, which was the late 80s and early '90s. He is probably best known in the West for making City on Fire, which was an influence on Quentin Tarantino's debut film Reservoir Dogs. Some have tried to make out that Tarantino full-blown plagiarised it, but they very different films … Continue reading Wild Search – Blu-Ray Review

Interview with George Huang – director of Swimming With Sharks

George Huang is the writer and director of the black comedy Swimming with Sharks. The film is coming out in a worldwide Blu-Ray debut from the UK company Fabulous Films on the 19th of July. Swimming with Sharks was inspired by his and his friends experiences of working in Hollywood in the 80s and early … Continue reading Interview with George Huang – director of Swimming With Sharks

The Pursuit of Love – Blu-Ray Review

The Pursuit of Love is a three-part mini-series co-produced by BBC/Amazon Prime and based on Nancy Mitford's semi-autobiograpical novel, which was the first in a trilogy. Nancy was one of the "good" Mitfords: she was a ‘’small s’’ socialist, unlike two of her sisters Unity and Diane, who were notorious fascists. My friend Scott Bradley has … Continue reading The Pursuit of Love – Blu-Ray Review