Blu-Ray Review – My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey is one of the key screwball comedies of the '30s—probably the most important one from the early to mid-'30s after It Happened One Night, which established the genre template. It was directed by Gregory La Cava. La Cava who isn't as much of a household name as the genre's best-known directors, like … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – My Man Godfrey


Blu-Ray Review – Who Killed Teddy Bear?

An oddball psychotronic movie, one of the last feature films Sal Mineo ever appeared in (and a rare lead for Mineo), Who Killed Teddy Bear? appeared in 1965. It’s set in a pre-psychedelic swinging sixties discotheque/restaurant where Mineo is the busboy, Lawrence Sherman. He’s obsessed with Nora Dean (dancer Juliette Prowse), the DJ at the disco … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Who Killed Teddy Bear?

Competition – Last Year at Marienbad on Blu-Ray

Studiocanal is releasing Last Year at Marienbad on Blu-Ray. Here at Psychotronic Cinema we have 2 copies up for grabs. All Entries must be turned in by the 22nd of September. Email your answer to the following to with your name and address. What is the name of Alain Resnais' 1968 science fiction film? Disclaimer: Open to only … Continue reading Competition – Last Year at Marienbad on Blu-Ray