Blu-Ray Review – The Vikings

The Vikings kicked off the boom of Viking films in the late '50s and early '60s, and even spawned an unofficial remake by Mario Bava Erik The Conqueror. Kirk Douglas originated the project as a starring vehicle with his own production company, Bryna Productions. However, the executives demanded an additional star, hence the appearance of Tony Curtis playing [...]


Blu-Ray Review – The Party

No, it's not that smug middle-class wankery that is out in cinemas now by Sally Potter. This is the bonafide absurdist cult classic comedy, starring Peter Sellers at the peak of his genius. It's one of Blake Edwards' finest comedies, and it boggles the mind that Eureka didn't include it in its Masters of Cinema [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Blood Feast

Blood Feast is the original splatter movie: it came out in 1963, and was deemed to be utterly shocking by critics and the public—but of course it's incredibly tame compared to what’s out there now. Despite the fact that he made dozens of films, it's the one that the director of the film, Herschell Gordon Lewis, [...]

London Film Festival Review – Redoubtable

Redoubtable is the new film by Michel Hazanavicius, who made audiences fall in love with that dog in the Academy Award-winning The Artist. His new film tackles one of cinema's sacred cows, Jean-Luc Godard, and specifically his Maoist period. It’s a part of his career that really started when he dumped his previous and best muse Anna Karina for [...]

Blu-Ray Review – The Thing

The Thing is one of those films that is incredibly hard to review now, because it's been dissected to death, not unlike the way the deformed humanoid corpse with two faces is discovered and dissected in the film. When The Thing came out in the summer of 1982, it was on the same day as Blade [...]