Wonder Women – Blu-Ray Review

With the same director, Robert Vincent O’Neill, as 80s video hit Angel (best remembered for the great tagline: ‘High school honor student by day. Hollywood hooker by night.’), Wonder Women is the type of film AIP made around that film. However, it’s far too sleazy to have been an AIP film. It was shot in … Continue reading Wonder Women – Blu-Ray Review

I Vitelloni – Blu-Ray Review

Although I Vitelloni isn’t Fellini’s first film, it was one that got him some notoriety around the world and began his film career as we know it. It’s more of a neo-realist one than a “Fellini film,” but begins to show his unique viewpoint, following his trajectory from screenwriter to director. This was the typical … Continue reading I Vitelloni – Blu-Ray Review

Ghost Stories (2018) – Blu-Ray Review

Ghost Stories is a British horror anthology movie that’s obviously trying to be like the Amicus anthology features of the 1960s. It’s based on a stage play by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, both of whom were associated with the League of Gentlemen comedy troupe. The three stories are connected by the fictional television professor-sceptic … Continue reading Ghost Stories (2018) – Blu-Ray Review

Minstry of Fear – Blu-Ray Review

The last of director Fritz Lang’s anti-Nazi ‘propaganda’ films was Ministry of Fear. It’s based on a Graham Greene story, one of his final ‘entertainments,’ which were more in the potboiler vein. It was mostly made because This Gun For Hire was a surprise hit, and the studios were suddenly more interested in Greene’s work. … Continue reading Minstry of Fear – Blu-Ray Review