The Image Book – Film Review

Oh, Jean-Luc, what have you have ye done? Jean-Luc Godard is undeniably one of the greatest directors who ever lived. That's mostly down to his incredible body of work from roughly 1960 to '68, plus he made a handful of good films in the '80s. However, since the late '80s his films have become deliberately … Continue reading The Image Book – Film Review

Age of Consent – Blu-Ray Review

Age of Consent is the last feature directed by Michael Powell, who was the great cinematic wizard of British cinema until the early '60s, when the work dried up after the disastrous release of Peeping Tom. Powell kept trying to get films financed, but it wasn’t until he went down under to Australia that he … Continue reading Age of Consent – Blu-Ray Review

The Go-Betweens: Right Here – DVD Review

The Go-Betweens: Right Here is the long-awaited feature-length documentary on Australia's greatest pop band,  The Go-Betweens. They never had a hit single, even in their native Australia. On top of that, there was enough personal drama within the band during their '80s incarnation to rival ABBA and Fleetwood Mac. However, they had a rabid cult following, and … Continue reading The Go-Betweens: Right Here – DVD Review