10 Rillington Place – Blu-Ray Review

Rillington Place is currently being shown on the BBC with Tim Roth and Samantha Morton, I haven't seen it yet so can't vouch for its quality. Completely unrelated to that airing Powerhouse Films has released the classic 1971 version of the same story 10 Rillington Place in a UK Blu-Ray debut. It stars two of the finest … Continue reading 10 Rillington Place – Blu-Ray Review

Interview With Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo recently did one of their Movie Doctors shows in Leeds. The show was their typical irreverent form of banter between the two which is on Friday afternoons on Radio Live 5. They did it before on Radio 1 on the '90s but it didn't become as big as it did till … Continue reading Interview With Mark Kermode

Assault on Precinct 13 – Blu-Ray Review

Dark Star may have been Carpenter's debut feature film as a director but it was equally Dan O'Bannon's film. Assault on Precinct 13 however is the film which made people at least in Europe take notice of John Carpenter who remains the arguably the key genre filmmaker of the late '70s and '80s. Carpenter merged his love of … Continue reading Assault on Precinct 13 – Blu-Ray Review

The Hired Hand – Blu-Ray Review

Peter Fonda had just starred in and co-wrote Easy Rider which captured the counterculture zeitgeist but also was an enormous box-office hit worldwide. Fonda had the itching to direct and his directorial debut The Hired Hand one of the many films Universal Pictures bankrolled for young directors. Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie and Monte Hellman's Two-Lane … Continue reading The Hired Hand – Blu-Ray Review