Hostiles – Blu-Ray Review

Scott Cooper has made an impressive body of work as a director over the last decade, starting with Crazy Heart. His heart is clearly in the downbeat auteur-led films of the '70s, which can be a difficult direction for a director in today's climate of studio tentpole films. As a result, Hostiles was financed by independent investors, … Continue reading Hostiles – Blu-Ray Review

Best F(r)iends & The Room – Plus Q&A with Greg Sestero at Hyde Park Picture House!

YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LEEDS! After the huge success of James Franco’s Oscar-nominated The Disaster Artist and two weeks of sell-out screenings in London at the start of the year; RAD Screenings are bringing Greg Sestero, the star of The Room and the writer of The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, to Leeds! … Continue reading Best F(r)iends & The Room – Plus Q&A with Greg Sestero at Hyde Park Picture House!

The Awful Truth – Blu-Ray Review

The Awful Truth was the first film to really show the world the persona Cary Grant carefully created for himself. It was a delicious mixture of debonair demeanour and a sense of never taking himself too seriously. However, like most performers Grant was a complicated individual with numerous neuroses, and rumours about his sexuality were constant … Continue reading The Awful Truth – Blu-Ray Review

La Chinoise – Blu-Ray Review

La Chinoise is the first of Godard's flat-out Maoist diatribes against the bourgeoisie and "American imperialism," and it's undeniably his best and most watchable of these. At this point Godard was becoming increasingly insufferable as a human being and a filmmaker because he adopted this comical understanding of Maoism. This era is brilliantly depicted in the woefully underrated Redoubtable, which … Continue reading La Chinoise – Blu-Ray Review