Interview with Aaron Brookner

Aaron Brooker has saved his uncle Howard Brookner's seminal documentary on William S. Burroughs from being lost forever. He discovered all the rushes in Burrough's infamous bunker and eventually a pristine print at MoMa which is what they used for the restoration. The restored version of Burroughs The Movie was eventually released on Blu-Ray by the prestigious Criterion [...]

Interview With Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo recently did one of their Movie Doctors shows in Leeds. The show was their typical irreverent form of banter between the two which is on Friday afternoons on Radio Live 5. They did it before on Radio 1 on the '90s but it didn't become as big as it did till [...]

Interview with Joe Dante

I gave Joe Dante a ring at his office in L.A. where we talked about his long and illustrious career. However if you're looking for questions and answers about Gremlins I didn't asked him a thing about Gremlins. We did however talk about Eerie, Indiana, Matinee, upcoming projects and the current state of the industry. The [...]

Jeremy Thomas Interview

I had the great pleasure to talk to Jeremy Thomas and visit his extraordinary office back during the 2015 London film festival. Thomas had High-Rise in the festival and we talked about that film but also his extraordinary career which includes producing such films as The Last Emperor (which he won the Best Picture Oscar for), [...]