Catch Us If You Can – Blu-Ray Review

Catch Us If You Can (or Having a Wild Weekend in the U.S.)is the first feature film directed by John Boorman. It's an incredibly odd film, bordering on '60s art-house but wrapped up within this pop movie for the Dave Clark Five.  The film came out in 1965, which was a year after the runaway success of The Beatles collaboration with Richard … Continue reading Catch Us If You Can – Blu-Ray Review

Black Windmill – Blu-Ray Review

Black Windmill is a 1974 film directed by Don Siegel. Siegel was usually an absolutely fantastic director, and this film came at what was arguably his career peak—but Black Windmill is pretty bland. In the three years that preceded this, he did Two Mules for Sister Sara, The Beguiled and Dirty Harry, plus Charley Varrick, … Continue reading Black Windmill – Blu-Ray Review

Defending Your Life – Blu-Ray Review

Albert Brooks has carved out such an odd little niche in American comedy cinema: he always plays some variation on the self-obsessed neurotic character that he created in his early stand-up routine. His films are never hugely successful, but they are generally critical favourites. He was often compared to Woody Allen, especially in the '80s—and … Continue reading Defending Your Life – Blu-Ray Review