Blu-Ray Review – A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place and Hereditary are the two most acclaimed (some might say hyped) horror films of the year that aren't a remake or a sequel. Hereditary left me utterly cold and somewhat baffled by the critical response, it seemed like it was a horror film made for people who aren't fans of the genre. … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – A Quiet Place


Blu-Ray Review – Flesh + Blood

Flesh + Blood was Paul Verhoeven’s first English-language film, made shortly after The Fourth Man. Verhoeven had built a reputation as a well-respected director with quite a following, but needed to branch out of the Dutch film industry, having reaching his limit in a small market. He used some leftover script material from the Dutch … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Flesh + Blood

Blu-Ray Review – Blood Theatre / Visitants

Here lie the first two films from Rick Sloane, who created his own cottage industry of campy schlock horror movies—most famously the Gremlins rip-off Hobgoblins. His desire to make films started when he was 18 and saw Joe Dante's debut as a director, Hollywood Boulevard, which he co-directed with Allan Arkush (later the director of Rock … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Blood Theatre / Visitants