Caveat – Blu-Ray Review

Caveat is the latest in a long line of horror films that seem to think ambiguity equals great horror cinema. It's lazy storytelling that has contempt for its audience as well as its genre. You can have ambiguity, of course, but you need a story strong enough for it to work—but in the case of … Continue reading Caveat – Blu-Ray Review

Love Affair (1939) – Blu-Ray Review

Love Affair (1939) film directed by Leo McCarey was not expected to be a huge success, but it was the surprise hit of the year. McCarey had done a lot of screwball comedies at this point, with The Awful Truth probably the best. He wanted to do something a little more serious, still funny but … Continue reading Love Affair (1939) – Blu-Ray Review

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman – Blu-Ray Review

1982's An Unsuitable Job for a Woman is a fascinating, if not completely satisfying film. Besides Children of Men, it’s actually the only screen adaptation of a P.D. James novel to date. There have been many TV adaptations, but only two for the big screen—and for a prolific and popular writer, that's very rare. These two film adaptations … Continue reading An Unsuitable Job for a Woman – Blu-Ray Review