Blu-Ray Review – Fedora

Fedora remains the most divisive film in Billy Wilder's back catalogue. Some consider it a late period masterpiece while others consider it a poor retread of his success with Sunset Boulevard. The truth is closer to the middle but it remains ones of Wilder's most endlessly fascinating films which predates a lot of what David Lynch [...]

Blu-Ray Review – The Commitments

The Commitments isn't just that cd you find in every charity shop across the UK. It was a highly popular film that came out in 1991 that was directed by Alan Parker. It was a kind of return to the British filmmaking for Alan Parker who had worked almost exclusively in the US for the [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Carmen Jones

Carmen Jones is undeniably an important film in the depiction of African-Americans on-screen, it was the first mainstream film to have an all-black cast after all. However from the first moment to the last you can't help my think how far we have come in the 60+ years since its initial release. Harry Belafonte even [...]