Erik The Conqueror – Blu-Ray Review

Erik The Conqueror is a fairly unremarkable Mario Bava film, made during his swords and sandals phase. By 1961, Bava had already reinvented himself as a horror film director with the masterful Black Sunday. By default, it seems like a massive step backwards for the director, but he also made another swords and sandals film in 1961, Hercules … Continue reading Erik The Conqueror – Blu-Ray Review

The Deadly Affair – Blu-Ray Review

The Deadly Affair was one of the films that Sidney Lumet made during his British period, which came during the mid-'60s to the early '70s. Of course, tat was the point when he started making the gritty dramas like Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and Network for which he is now best known. It's also a spy thriller, which makes it a … Continue reading The Deadly Affair – Blu-Ray Review