Blu-Ray Review – Sausage Party

Animation for adults is a very tricky balancing act. The South Park guys and Ralph Bakshi are masters of it but just doing a parody of Pixar films with sex jokes really just isn't that funny. Somehow Seth Rogan and his gang thought it was and that's partly why much of Sausage Party falls flat [...]


DVD Competition – Julieta

Starring EMMA SUÁREZ as Adult Julieta and ADRIANA UGARTE as Young Julieta, JULIETA is written and directed by Spanish auteur PEDRO ALMODÓVAR and is based on the short stories Chance, Soon and Silence by Alice Munro. JULIETA will release in the UK on Digital HD 19 December 2016 and on Blu-ray™ and DVD through Twentieth Century [...]

Blu-Ray Review – To Sir, With Love

Sidney Poitier plays Mark Thackeray, an unemployed man from British Guiana who has been living in California. He has a degree in engineering, and comes to the East End of London to seek work while he waits for a job in his field to come through. He is assigned to teach a rowdy group of [...]