Blu-Ray Review – Between Night and Dawn

George A. Romero was at a career crossroads after Night of the Living Dead came out and didn't really do any business. It was well reviewed by some, but it made nothing on its initial release—in fact, until it became a midnight movie staple it remained unprofitable. The story of why is one of the all-time foolish … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Between Night and Dawn

Blu-Ray Review – Blood Simple.

Blood Simple. was the Coen Brothers’ debut film, and of the many debuts from young directors in the ‘80s who we now love, it was one of the most fully realized, and is still impressive. The Coens were always born filmmakers, but it wasn't till Joel Coen was working as assistant editor on Sam Raimi's … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Blood Simple.

Blu-Ray Review – Luis Buñuel: The Collection 

"I’m an anarchist, but I’m totally against the anarchists."- Luis Buñuel This seven-disc Blu-Ray boxset includes all of Buñuel’s later films from Diary of a Chambermaid up to That Obscure Object of Desire--except for Simon of the Desert, for which there has never been a UK release since a VHS release. While I actually prefer … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Luis Buñuel: The Collection