Blu-Ray Review – La Vérité

La Vérité is the penultimate feature by Henri-Georges Clouzot, who was already starting to be seen as old hat by the French New Wave filmmakers. It stars everybody's favourite pouting French blonde bombshell fascist who "only cares about the animals," Brigitte Bardot. The film was hotly anticipated when it came out in 1960 because it was … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – La Vérité

Blu-Ray Review – Class of 1999

A sort of quasi-sequel/reboot of Class of 1984, Class of 1999 is centred on a school where violence has continued to rise. The chosen solution is to ‘demilitarise’ the school with killer robots instead of teachers, all part of a fascist police state on a massive scale. Electronic signs flash slogans like OBEY, no doubt … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Class of 1999