Defending Your Life – Blu-Ray Review

Albert Brooks has carved out such an odd little niche in American comedy cinema: he always plays some variation on the self-obsessed neurotic character that he created in his early stand-up routine. His films are never hugely successful, but they are generally critical favourites. He was often compared to Woody Allen, especially in the '80s—and … Continue reading Defending Your Life – Blu-Ray Review

Twentieth Century – Blu-Ray Review

This Howard Hawks film from 1934 is the first of Hawks’s screwball comedies. It stars John Barrymore and Carole Lombard in a movie that is pretty zany, but doesn’t go to the dizzying heights of Bringing Up Baby or His Girl Friday. However, Twentieth Century is still a very fun movie. Barrymore plays an egomaniac … Continue reading Twentieth Century – Blu-Ray Review

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969) – Blu-Ray Review

Journey to the Far Side of the Sun is the American title for Doppelgänger, a film that is now generally known as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun elsewhere as well. It's one of those sci-fi films that came out in the immediate wake of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a movie whose influence over the film is debatable. … Continue reading Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969) – Blu-Ray Review