Blu-Ray Review – Woman on the Run

Nothing gives me a warmer and fuzzy feeling than a previously rare Film Noir restored in HD. Woman on the Run firstly as said in the short documentary on the disc should be titled "Man on the Run". The film until fairly recently has been pretty much lost with the occasional screening at Noir festivals and [...]


Voyage of Time Trailer

Terrence Malick's much delayed companion documentary to his film Tree of Life is finally coming out on IMAX in October. It should be a breath-taking experience and in some ways might be what Malick should be doing instead of doing features now, will be interesting to see the reaction. The documentary is narrated by Tree of Life star [...]

Blu-Ray Review – The Seven-Ups

Hot on the heels of the success of the masterpiece The French Connection, that film's producer Philip D'Antoni produced and directed this companion film of sorts. Both films star Roy Schneider where he plays effectively the same character who is based on Sonny Grosso who was involved in The French Connection case and gets a story credit for [...]

Blu-Ray Review – That Cold Day in the Park

Robert Altman throughout the '70s arguably more than contemporary through his genre hopping in that decade single-handed created what would be known as the American independent cinema of the '90s in style and tone. Altman's story however begins back in the '50s by making "industrial films" and a few low budgets features and through the [...]