Don’t Look Now – Blu-Ray Review

It's probably safe to say that if you are reading a website called Psychotronic Cinema, you've already seen Don't Look Now—and seen it numerous times. Given that, this review will be relatively short. It's still a total masterpiece, and probably the best British horror movie ever made, it famously shared a double bill with The Wicker … Continue reading Don’t Look Now – Blu-Ray Review

Vanishing Point – Blu-Ray Review

Vanishing Point is one of the most enigmatic films of the early '70s. Along with the similar Electra Glide in Blue, it is one of the defining films of the era, and shows the dark hangover of the '60s. It's been highly influential on films ranging from Tarantino's Death Proof to Drive to Baby Driver, and even … Continue reading Vanishing Point – Blu-Ray Review