The Cooler – Blu-Ray Review

The Cooler is director Wayne Kramer’s first film. And one that would be almost impossible to make now for a variety of reasons. It stars William H. Macy as Bernie Lootz, in the fictional role of ‘cooler’: a casino operative who pretends to be a player and shows up to bring down a player who’s … Continue reading The Cooler – Blu-Ray Review

Final Score – DVD Review

Final Score was pitched as ‘Die Hard in a football stadium,’ and that’s as good a description as any. It’s one of a long line of Die Hard rip-offs, the most notable being Speed (a.k.a. Die Hard on a bus), with this year‘s entry being Skyscraper, with The Rock. This one had a smaller budget, and takes place in West Ham United’s former … Continue reading Final Score – DVD Review

William Castle at Columbia Volume Two – Blu-Ray Review

This set includes several William Castle films from the early to mid-1960s, a period when he had started to move away from his gimmicks somewhat. However, they often had some sort of gimmicky aspect, and were often horror films (although two of these are not). The set includes Zotz!, 13 Frightened Girls, The Old Dark … Continue reading William Castle at Columbia Volume Two – Blu-Ray Review

The Magnificent Ambersons – Blu-Ray Review

Orson Welles’s second film was The Magnificent Ambersons (unless you count the silent comedy Too Much Johnson). Noted for having had the most infamous studio cuts in history after a disastrous preview screening in Pomona, California, the film lost around 40 to 60 minutes in the editing room, and some parts were reshot, including the … Continue reading The Magnificent Ambersons – Blu-Ray Review