Blu-Ray Review- I, Daniel Blake

Directed by Ken Loach and written by Paul Laverty, who has penned most of Loach’s films since acting in Land and Freedom, I, Daniel Blake was a big hit at Cannes and had a surprisingly strong showing in UK cinemas as well. It’s Loach’s first film set in the North East, which is surprising given [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross may have more testosterone than any film ever made. The cast famously called it “Death of a Fucking Salesman,” in reference to its obvious inspiration and its expletive-laden dialogue. Alec Baldwin’s character has arrived to motivate a group of salesmen who have been pitted against each other to get one of just [...]

Blu-Ray Review – Finding Forrester

Finding Forrester is a strange one in the career of Gus Van Sant who needed to bounce back after the critically mauling of his shot for shot remake of Hitchock's classic masterpiece Psycho. Gus' decision to remake Psycho was basically a total pisstake on the concept of remakes. Finding Forrestor is very similar to Van Sant's Good [...]