QT8: The First Eight – Blu-Ray Review

QT8: The First Eight is a feature-length documentary on the ex-video store clerk who made good, which made all less-successful video store clerks resentful... Quentin Tarantino. The documentary has been in legal limbo for a while due to the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal, since the Weinstein Company bought the film sight unseen. Tarantino himself had … Continue reading QT8: The First Eight – Blu-Ray Review

The Limits of Control – Blu-Ray Review

The Limits of Control is a Jim Jarmusch film, one of his lesser efforts surely but also one of his most boldly ambitious films in certain ways. He’s not a director who’s known for being particularly ambitious, so that’s interesting. It’s kind of a reverse Ghost Dog, and it also has a hitman as the … Continue reading The Limits of Control – Blu-Ray Review

What’s New Pussycat? – Blu-Ray Review

This film is probably best-known for two things: the fantastic Tom Jones theme song (sung by Jones but written by Burt Bacharach), and being the first screenplay from Woody Allen. It’s very stupid, but that’s the point. It’s also one of the few films Allen has written for someone else, and unsurprisingly he was unhappy … Continue reading What’s New Pussycat? – Blu-Ray Review