Blu-Ray Review – Melville: The Essential Collection

“Melville is the Godard I haven't grown out of” - Quentin Tarantino Jean-Pierre Melville (originally Grumbach, but changed because he was a big Herman Melville fan) was really the director who in his own way made the French New Wave possible. He preceded it, of course, having served in the Resistance and then started making … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Melville: The Essential Collection


Blu-Ray Review – The Cremator

The Cremator is based on a book by Ladislav Fuks, whose work was largely about the impact of the Nazi occupation on Czechoslovakia. Fuks also co-authored the screenplay. The narrative follows a professional cremator in Prague just before the Nazi invasion. He becomes increasingly deranged as tensions rise, and eventually gets involved with the Nazis. It … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Cremator