Blu-Ray Review – American Made

When Tom Cruise isn’t trying to push the ideas of an abusive madman who denied his occult roots but started a UFO cult, he occasionally stars in films. This is one of them. Cruise plays Barry Seal, a complete and utter scumbag of a pilot who was running guns for the CIA, which wanted them … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – American Made

Blu-Ray Review – Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is Steven Soderberg’s first film since he unretired from filmmaking (he had announced his retirement after Behind the Candelabra.) He has taken to a new model for making films, which involved personally selling the overseas rights to bypass the Hollywood hassles. Up until this point Soderberg had been busy with directing two seasons … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Logan Lucky

Blu-Ray Review – Summer 82: When Zappa Came to Sicily

Sicilian filmmaker Salvo Cuccia has made this documentary, which is partly the filmmaker’s own story about his experience of not seeing Frank Zappa the one time he played Sicily, and recent footage of the Zappa family visiting the island to talk about their family heritage. Zappa was of course famously of Sicilian descent. It’s interspersed … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Summer 82: When Zappa Came to Sicily