Pocketful of Miracles – Blu-Ray Review

Pocketful of Miracles was Frank Capra's final feature, made in 1961. He went on to make the documentary Rendezvous in Space  for the Martin Marietta Corporation, about the US's plans for a space station and beyond! Like Hitchcock, Capra remade two of his early films later in his career, and Pocketful of Miracles is one of these: a remake … Continue reading Pocketful of Miracles – Blu-Ray Review

Brain Dead (1990) – Blu-Ray Review

Disclaimer: this is not about the much-beloved Peter Jackson film Braindead, or Dead Alive as it was retitled in the US on its release in 1992, but the 1990 film directed by Alan Simon. This film is based on an old Charles Beaumont script called Paranoia, written for Roger Corman back in the '60s. The … Continue reading Brain Dead (1990) – Blu-Ray Review