Blu-Ray Review – This Gun For Hire

Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake made quite a formidable pairing in the '40s. They were put together partly due to the fact Lake was one of the only actresses in Hollywood shorter than Ladd, who was a tiny 5 foot 6 inches for a leading man while Lake was 4 ft 11 in. This Gun … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – This Gun For Hire

Blu-Ray Review – The Deep (1977)

Based on a novel by Jaws author Peter Benchley, The Deep was made to cash in on the success of the original blockbuster—which in its own way was a masterpiece. It was directed by Peter Yates, a  good director who also did Bullett, The Friends of Eddie Coyle and Breaking Away, amongst others. Yates was … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Deep (1977)

Competition – Small Soldiers on DVD

Fabulous Films is releasing Small Soldiers on DVD. Here at Psychotronic Cinema we have 2 copies up for grabs. All Entries must be turned in by the 15th of September. Email your answer to the following to with your name and address. What quirky kids show did Joe Dante work as the creative consultant and director on? Disclaimer: … Continue reading Competition – Small Soldiers on DVD

Blu-Ray Review – The Caller

The Caller is a genre-hopping straight-to-video movie from 1987 that starred Malcolm McDowell at a low point in his career. Despite some success with Paul Schrader's remake of Cat People in 1982, the '80s were not a kind decade to the Yorkshireman, and by the end McDowell was making films like The Caller and Mortacci in Italy. It wasn't until he … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Caller