Blu-Ray Review – Images

In the 1970s Robert Altman was riding high off the success of M*A*S*H, so he was able to make some of the most idiosyncratic films of the era. Luckily for him, some of them were successful, most notably Nashville and McCabe & Mrs. Miller, but he also made numerous quirky films that while they often dealt with genre, also completely … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Images


Blu-Ray Review – Gumshoe

Gumshoe is problematic, to say the least. It was Stephen Frears’s debut film, and his only feature until 1984’s The Hit. As the title suggests, it’s about a detective (played by Albert Finney), an amateur who dreams of being a Philip Marlowe type of professional. It’s mostly set in Liverpool, and is an odd film—his … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Gumshoe

DVD Review – Professor Marsden and the Wonder Woman

The origin of Wonder Woman is the topic of Professor Marsden and the Wonder Woman, and it’s quite a strange story. Marsden was a Harvard psychologist who also developed a version of the lie detector and a behaviour assessment tool. He and his wife Elizabeth started a polyamorous relationship with Olive Byrne, the daughter of … Continue reading DVD Review – Professor Marsden and the Wonder Woman