Breathless (1983) – Blu-Ray Review

It took serious cojones when Jim McBride decided to remake one of the most “sacred” films of the French New Wave: Jean-Luc Godard's À Bout de Souffle. The original was an utter classic, with Belmondo channelling Bogart and Jean Seberg becoming the dream girl of many a young man. However, if anybody was going to remake … Continue reading Breathless (1983) – Blu-Ray Review

Otley – Blu-Ray Review

Otley is one of those weird late-60s spy farces. Loads of them were made because of the popularity of James Bond, which was ripe for spoofing. This one isn’t as good as Our Man Flint (or Casino Royale), even though it stars Tom Courtenay. Courtenay was a big deal at the time because of his … Continue reading Otley – Blu-Ray Review