Murphy’s War – Blu-Ray Review

Murphy's War is a film that Peter Yates directed in Britain after he had a huge success in the United States with Bullitt and, to a lesser extent, John and Mary. It was initially pitched as a vehicle for Frank Sinatra—there are conflicting reports, but Burt Kennedy may have been the director on board for that version. Regardless, it … Continue reading Murphy’s War – Blu-Ray Review

Enter the Void – Blu-Ray Reviw

Enter the Void is the definitive film of Gaspar Noé's career. It was a project he had been working on since the '80s after having watched the Robert-Montgomery-as-Philip-Marlowe film Lady in the Lake whilst tripping on magic mushrooms. What Enter The Void and Lady in the Lake have in common is that both are shot completely from a first-person perspective, except … Continue reading Enter the Void – Blu-Ray Reviw

Candyman (1992) – UHD Review

1992's Candyman is undeniably British auteur Bernard Rose's most well-known film, but it’s also most likely his best—although Paperhouse and the early DV feature ivansxtc are certainly worth seeking out. It's also the best film of the Candyman franchise, despite 2021's soft reboot/sequel's honorable attempt to bring the franchise back to its socio-political roots with a script by Jordan Peele. The themes of … Continue reading Candyman (1992) – UHD Review