Blu-Ray Review – Hereditary

Hereditary is the big horror movie of the year, complete with five-star reviews and loads of buzz. I’m not sure of that’s a good thing or a bad thing: reviews that good can be hard to live up to. It’s the debut film of Ari Aster, who had previously done some shorts at AFI, which … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Hereditary


Blu-Ray Review – The Mind of Mr. Soames

The Mind of Mr. Soames is odd film that Amicus (Hammer's big competitor) made at the end of '60s. It would also be Terence Stamp's final film before his "wilderness" years in Europe, where he made stuff like the (impossible to find in English) Arthur Rimbaud biopic A Season in Hell, where Stamp plays the poet... … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – The Mind of Mr. Soames