The Handmaid’s Tale – Blu-Ray Competition

Fabulous Films is releasing The Handmaid's Tale on Blu-Ray. Here at Psychotronic Cinema we have 3 copies up for grabs. All Entries must be turned it by the 19th of February. Email your answer to the following to with your name and address. In what film did Volker Schlöndorff direct about a little drummer boy? Disclaimer: Open to … Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale – Blu-Ray Competition

The Cat O’ Nine Tails – Blu-Ray Review

Cat o’ Nine Tails was Dario Argento’s second film, and a real step down from his first, The Bird With Crystal Plumage. It’s the usual giallo with a convoluted plot—it’s got a reporter who has teamed up with a blind puzzle-maker, who become amateur detectives. There’s a robbery at a genetics institute, and the reporter … Continue reading The Cat O’ Nine Tails – Blu-Ray Review