Split Second – Blu-Ray Review

Split Second is a film with Rutger Hauer, made very much in the wake of Blade Runner, so much so that the screenwriter (Gary Scott Thompson) had actually written the part for Harrison Ford. Hauer plays a very Blade Runner-esque homicide detective in 2008 London. Global warming has flooded all of London (as it will … Continue reading Split Second – Blu-Ray Review

Three Outlaw Samurai – Blu-Ray Review

Three Outlaw Samurai is a ‘60s samurai movie that’s actually an offshoot of a television series that was successful at the time, for which it was an origin story. It’s a pretty basic action-samurai movie but it's Hideo Gosha time as a director. A ronin who is wandering the earth called Sheba runs into a … Continue reading Three Outlaw Samurai – Blu-Ray Review

New Terry Gilliam Project Announced!

Terry Gilliam recently accepted an award remotely from his Highgate house from the Ventotene Film Festival and let slip he was working on an old Stanley Kubrick idea. Gilliam has said the casting was in place and shooting was expected to start in September but with coronavirus that "ruined everything". Speculation included a possible adaptation … Continue reading New Terry Gilliam Project Announced!

Patty Hearst – Blu-Ray Review

Patty Hearst came out in 1988, and was based on Hearst's 1982 autobiography Every Secret Thing (co-written with Alvin Moscow) and directed by Paul Schrader. For those who might not know the story, Patricia Hearst is the granddaughter of media tycoon William Randolph Hearst, and was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) in 1974. The SLA was … Continue reading Patty Hearst – Blu-Ray Review