The People Next Door – Blu-Ray Review

The People Next Door is one of those ridiculous early ’70s anti-drug movies set in the suburbs. It was directed by David Greene, who made a notable cult serial killer movie, I Start Counting, the previous year. It’s 1970 and a girl named Maxie is messed up on drugs, specifically acid, which has now come … Continue reading The People Next Door – Blu-Ray Review

Jagged Edge – Blu-Ray Review

Jagged Edge is an incredibly lousy legal thriller written by Joe Eszterhas and directed by Richard Marquand. Marquand is probably best known for having stepped in to direct Return of the Jedi after David Cronenberg AND David Lynch both turned down George Lucas’ offer. Eszterhas and Marquand would follow up their success with Jagged Edge with the completely forgotten … Continue reading Jagged Edge – Blu-Ray Review