Blu-Ray Review – Richard III (1995)

Shakespeare given the fact his work was conceived for the stage is always difficult to adapt for the big screen. Often the best adaptations of Shakespeare on the big screen  often get rid of his dialogue like Kurosawa's Throne of Blood or Ran with the basic story and themes intact. One of the most daring and most … Continue reading Blu-Ray Review – Richard III (1995)

Cape Fear – Blu-Ray Review

Cape Fear is a bonafide classic and unlike most films which are deemed "classics" also had a remake which is equally excellent and in some regards is the better film. The fact the remake was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte certainly didn't hurt much either. The remake is a deliberately more … Continue reading Cape Fear – Blu-Ray Review

Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith has a new film coming out this year and it's called Yoga Hosers. It stars Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose Depp along with Kevin Smith as the Bratzis and his daughter Harley Quinn Smith. It looks gleefully bonkers to the extreme and Smith has described it as "Clueless meets Gremlins" any film where teenage Canadian … Continue reading Trailer for Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers