La La Land – London Film Festival Review

The musical is somewhat like the western, in the sense that they were dominant film genres from the ’30s to the ’50s but have since fallen out of fashion. The western comes back every ten years or so, while the musical—probably due to its deliberately artificial nature—struggles to. La La Land, however, might have just reinvented the musical, … Continue reading La La Land – London Film Festival Review

Bowfinger – Blu-Ray Review

Eddie Murphy is normally terrible in everything possible except his early stand-up but Bowfinger is like what Punch-Drunk Love is to Adam Sandler, the exception to the rule. It’s directed by Frank Oz who is an interesting director and of course a great muppeter and performer in his own right. Steve Martin wrote the screenplay and stars as … Continue reading Bowfinger – Blu-Ray Review

Pedro Almodóvar Collection ’80s – Blu-Ray Review

Pedro Almodóvar probably more than most directors understands the fundamentally but often forgotten fact cinema is first and foremost a visual medium. He came out of the cultural movement La Movida Madrileña which happened immediately after the death of the Fascist dictator Franco. It was kind of like the Spanish answer to Punk Rock but also … Continue reading Pedro Almodóvar Collection ’80s – Blu-Ray Review