Miami Vice – Blu-Ray Review

Miami Vice might now be the butt of jokes and is considered cheesy as hell, which it is the case especially the early episodes. However when it premiered in 1984 it soon became a sensation on TV. Don Johnson as Detective Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Detective Rico Tubbs would become iconic characters. The theme song … Continue reading Miami Vice – Blu-Ray Review

Prince of Darkness – DVD Review

 Has there ever been a director who can claim to be a massive influence on the world of cinema and also on synthesiser music? There’s only one—and of course I'm talking about John Carpenter. Prince of Darkness is one of Carpenter’s oddest films, and has often been forgotten due to the rest of his extraordinary run … Continue reading Prince of Darkness – DVD Review

The Purple Rose of Cairo – Blu-Ray Review

The Purple Rose of Cairo is a massive turning point in Woody Allen's career. It was the final collaboration between Allen and the master cinematographer Gordon Willis whose first film for Allen was Annie Hall. Allen has been on record saying he learned everything he knew about cinema from Willis. The film is also Allen's … Continue reading The Purple Rose of Cairo – Blu-Ray Review