The Front – Blu-Ray Review

The Front is a film about the Hollywood blacklist era of the 1950s, during which the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) called actors, directors and writers before Congress and ended their careers with accusations of Communist sympathies. It’s a rare film in which Woody Allen is just acting—and it’s a bit overrated. Allen plays a … Continue reading The Front – Blu-Ray Review

Fat City – Blu-Ray Review

John Huston was totally burnt out when he made Fat City in 1971. He had a huge string of flops and, with the exception of a handful of films, the quality of his work had been on a steady decline since the mid '50s. It was also the time of what would be fondly looked … Continue reading Fat City – Blu-Ray Review

The Creeping Garden – Blu-Ray Review

The Creeping Garden is a documentary about the strange, alien-like substance that is plasmodial slime mould. For a long time, slime mould was thought to be a fungus, but researchers have found out that it’s something very different: a eukaryotic organism that is neither plant nor animal. It can move, and apparently it has some … Continue reading The Creeping Garden – Blu-Ray Review