Don’t Torture A Duckling – Blu-Ray Review

Lucio Fulci is one of the key directors of the Italian horror scene, and perhaps the nastiest of them all. He lacks the visual flare that most of his contemporaries are known for, like Dario Argento and Mario Bava, but he has a level of pessimism that is rare. Don't Torture A Duckling is one of his most … Continue reading Don’t Torture A Duckling – Blu-Ray Review

The Legend of the Holy Drinker – Blu-Ray Review

The Legend of the Holy Drinker is a real oddity that came out in the late '80s. Despite winning the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1988, it seems to have been completely forgotten: even I hadn't heard of it until it was announced by Arrow Academy. The film stars Rutger Hauer in … Continue reading The Legend of the Holy Drinker – Blu-Ray Review

The Yakuza – Blu-Ray Review

Sydney Pollack's early career makes him one of the most fascinating of the directors who became known as the “New Hollywood.” Like many of older directors, he started working in anthology television as a director of segments for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, and even sometimes an as actor, with an episode of The Twilight Zone being his most notable … Continue reading The Yakuza – Blu-Ray Review

Certain Women – Blu-Ray Review

Since the mid-2000s, Kelly Reichardt has called Portland, Oregon home, and so that's where she resumed directing feature-length films, partly due to encouragement from her long-term friend Todd Haynes. All of her previous films were unique takes on the area, from her western, Meek's Cutoff to the eco-thriller Night Moves. Reichardt has had one flaw, at … Continue reading Certain Women – Blu-Ray Review