The Lure – Blu-Ray Review

 The Lure played Sundance last year, and seems to have completely escaped my radar, along with many other people’s attention. Luckily Criterion decided to pick it up and give it a lavish special edition, so it will now get a wider audience than it otherwise would have. It's probably the first and only coming-of-age horror film … Continue reading The Lure – Blu-Ray Review

The Wages of Fear – Blu-Ray Review

The Wages of Fear is undeniably one of the greatest films of all time. Henri-Georges Clouzot became something of a name director through this film, but the movie was chopped down in the editing process for the US release so many viewers did not get to see the fantastic original version (it was edited because … Continue reading The Wages of Fear – Blu-Ray Review

Armed Response – DVD Review

How do you feel about being lumped in with Wesley Snipes? Noam Chomsky: With? With Wesley Snipes as the two most recognizable faces of the tax resistance movement. Noam Chomsky: Never heard of Leslie Snipes, I’m afraid. Wesley Snipes, you never saw Major League? White Men Can’t Jump? Noam Chomsky: I’ve heard of it, but…he’s the author? He’s … Continue reading Armed Response – DVD Review

The Vikings – Blu-Ray Review

The Vikings kicked off the boom of Viking films in the late '50s and early '60s, and even spawned an unofficial remake by Mario Bava Erik The Conqueror. Kirk Douglas originated the project as a starring vehicle with his own production company, Bryna Productions. However, the executives demanded an additional star, hence the appearance of Tony Curtis playing … Continue reading The Vikings – Blu-Ray Review