Orchestra Rehearsal – Blu-Ray Review

Orchestra Rehearsal is a Fellini film that he directed after Casanova, which was a big-budget film but not very successful (although it’s a very rewarding watch.) This film was originally done for Italian television, and is almost a mockumentary. It follows a TV company’s documentary crew that goes to film an orchestra as it rehearses. … Continue reading Orchestra Rehearsal – Blu-Ray Review

Something Wild – Blu-Ray Review

Something Wild is probably my second favourite Jonathan Demme film—it’s the one where everything comes together really well, with all the quirkiness that you want from Demme (something he lost after the Silence of the Lambs backlash). It’s a wild ride, with Jeff Daniels as Charles in one his earliest roles. (Daniels had done this … Continue reading Something Wild – Blu-Ray Review