Vigil – Blu-Ray Review

Vincent Ward remains one of cinema’s major enigmas—he hasn’t made a film in over ten years. In fact, he’s best known for the film he never made: Alien³. Ward followed initial screenwriter William Gibson in taking on that project, and his plan was structurally similar to what was actually made, but set on a wooden … Continue reading Vigil – Blu-Ray Review

No Way Out (1950) – Blu-Ray Review

Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, No Way Out is a film noir about racism in urban America. Sidney Poitier gives his debut feature performance as Dr. Luther Brooks, a newly qualified young doctor. Two brothers have been shot by the cops while attempting a robbery, and these hoodlums—Ray (Richard Widmark) and Johnny (Dick Paxton)—are caught … Continue reading No Way Out (1950) – Blu-Ray Review

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapter – Blu-Ray Review

Paul Schrader's film about Yukio Mishima remains perhaps the greatest "biopic" ever made, mainly due to the fact that it disregards most of the conventions of the genre. The only aspect that resembles a typical biopic is that it uses Mishima's last day as a narrative tool to connect the rest of the film. Mishima's … Continue reading Mishima: A Life in Four Chapter – Blu-Ray Review