The Senator – DVD Review

The Senator (Chappaquiddick) is a very good film but died in the US. It’s about a tragic incident in Chappaquiddick involving Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy, and the cover-up that followed, which ruined his chance to be President and resulted in a woman’s death.  He did try to run later on, but unfortunately the result was a win by … Continue reading The Senator – DVD Review

A Quiet Place – Blu-Ray Review

A Quiet Place and Hereditary are the two most acclaimed (some might say hyped) horror films of the year that aren't a remake or a sequel. Hereditary left me utterly cold and somewhat baffled by the critical response, it seemed like it was a horror film made for people who aren't fans of the genre. … Continue reading A Quiet Place – Blu-Ray Review

La Belle et la Bête – Blu-Ray Review

What is there to say: Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) is one of the best films ever made, everything that cinema should aspire to be. It is probably Cocteau’s best-known film, and creates a magical atmosphere. It follows the basic fairytale story as popularised by author Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. … Continue reading La Belle et la Bête – Blu-Ray Review

Blood Theatre / Visitants – Blu-Ray Review

Here lie the first two films from Rick Sloane, who created his own cottage industry of campy schlock horror movies—most famously the Gremlins rip-off Hobgoblins. His desire to make films started when he was 18 and saw Joe Dante's debut as a director, Hollywood Boulevard, which he co-directed with Allan Arkush (later the director of Rock … Continue reading Blood Theatre / Visitants – Blu-Ray Review