The Equalizer 2 – Blu-Ray Review

It’s not as good as the first, but this sequel sees Denzel Washington reprise his role as Robert McCall, a former Marine and Defence Intelligence Agency operative, from The Equalizer. The rest of the cast, and the story, aren’t as good as the first, which played up some of the noir aspects and was more … Continue reading The Equalizer 2 – Blu-Ray Review

Orson Welles’ Othello – Blu-Ray Review

Othello is, of course, an adaptation of a Shakespeare play. It was Orson Welles’s second film based on the works of Shakespeare, but he had a long history of performing in, directing and producing the bard’s work on stage. Probably his most notable stage production was one dubbed the “Voodoo Macbeth,” set in the Carribbean … Continue reading Orson Welles’ Othello – Blu-Ray Review

De Palma & De Niro: The Early Films – Blu-Ray Review

The Wedding Party, Greetings and Hi Mom! are the collaborations between Robert De Niro and Brian De Palma included here—the only time the two worked together other than The Untouchables many years later. However, De Palma did introduce De Niro to Martin Scorsese. The Wedding Party was De Palma’s first film, and it was basically a … Continue reading De Palma & De Niro: The Early Films – Blu-Ray Review