One Deadly Summer – Blu-Ray Review

One Deadly Summer was directed by Jean Becker, the son of Jacques Becker, a great French director of the '50s who made such films as Le Trou and Casque d'Or. As you would expect, his son cut his teeth working for pops as an assistant director, but sadly, if this film is any indication, Jacques's … Continue reading One Deadly Summer – Blu-Ray Review

Klute – Blu-Ray Review

Klute is the first film in what was eventually dubbed as Alan J. Pakula's paranoia trilogy, mirroring the similar trio of films that John Frankenheimer did in the '60s. Thematically linked, but without any crossover with of characters, Pakula would follow Klute with The Parallax View and All The President's Men. It's also the film … Continue reading Klute – Blu-Ray Review

The Third Wife – Blu-Ray Review

Inspired by her own family's story, Ash Mayfair's The Third Wife is an assured directorial debut that is beyond beautiful and pristinely delicate. Having won awards at the San Sebastian, Toronto, and Chicago International Film Festivals, The Third Wife really brings attention to a new talent. Vietnamese cinema is gaining a bit of attention at … Continue reading The Third Wife – Blu-Ray Review