The Point – Blu-Ray Review

The Point is a bizarro animated ABC Movie of the Week that was based on a story by the singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson, who also supplied the songs. It came out in 1971, which was during Nilsson's most commercially successful period. This when he’d made the absolutely fantastic Nilsson Schmilsson album, which has some of most famous songs, like … Continue reading The Point – Blu-Ray Review

Bliss – Blu-Ray Review

Bliss is a little indie horror film that did the festival rounds last year, including the premiere UK genre festival, Frightfest. It's directed by Joe Begos, who has been making low-budget horror movies for the better part of the last decade. This film most certainly wears it influences on its sleeve: Gaspar Noé and Abel Ferrara's The … Continue reading Bliss – Blu-Ray Review