First Love – Blu-Ray Review

First Love is the latest Takashi Miike film, and he has done well: over 100 productions around film, direct to video and TV since 1991, which is insanely prolific. Western audiences tend to get every third film of his or so, but this is indeed his most recent film. The ones that come out in the US/UK tend to be the more overt genre … Continue reading First Love – Blu-Ray Review

Kansas City – Blu-Ray Review

Robert Altman’s film Kansas City came near the end of his ‘90s comeback. Of course, Altman was best known for his extraordinary run of films in the 1970s starting with M*A*S*H*. The ‘80s were not the kindest period for him, but the birth of what is now called ‘the independent film movement’ had an impact … Continue reading Kansas City – Blu-Ray Review

Terminator: Dark Fate – Blu-Ray Review

Terminator: Dark Fate seems to be the final film in the nearly 40-year-old Terminator franchise. Sadly, it didn't set the box-office world alight when it came out in November last year, partly due the still runaway success of Joker, and partly because of fans of the franchise feeling burnt with every film post-Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The reality … Continue reading Terminator: Dark Fate – Blu-Ray Review

The Essential Jacques Demy – Blu-Ray Review

Although it’s called The Essential Jacques Demy, this Criterion box set is missing one of the most interesting and well-known of his films, Model Shop, which is the only one Demy made in the US. Instead, the set focuses mostly on his musicals (or at least films with musical elements). Three are full-blown musicals, and … Continue reading The Essential Jacques Demy – Blu-Ray Review