Little Joe – Blu-Ray Review

Little Joe is a kind of a body-snatchers story in which a corporation is developing a new species of plant, and plant-breeder Alice Woodard (Emily Beecham) decides to bring one home. It’s against company policy, and soon she is living in fear of it and her son is starting to act strangely. The plant is … Continue reading Little Joe – Blu-Ray Review

It Couldn’t Happen Here – Blu-Ray Review

It Couldn't Happen Here has been out of circulation for decades, with the last home video release being on VHS back in 1992. It's a massive curiosity, because it's the one and only film the Pet Shop Boys have made in their decades-long career. Originally it started out as a "video album" for their second album, Actually, directed … Continue reading It Couldn’t Happen Here – Blu-Ray Review

Apartment 1BR – Film Review

1BR (retitled Apartment 1BR in the UK) was far and away the best film I saw at Grimmfest last year, and for a low-budget feature directorial debut, it’s quite remarkable. It’s most certainly flawed, but director David Marmor’s pure cinematic ambition is as intoxicating on-screen as the cult indoctrination that the film depicts. The creepy L.A. … Continue reading Apartment 1BR – Film Review

Husbands – Blu-Ray Review

Husbands was John Cassavetes' follow-up to Faces, which was his first "hit" film. Faces arrived after Shadows, which was an influential film (especially on a young Martin Scorsese), but not widely seen outside of film festivals. It's worth mentioning that Cassavetes dabbled in more commercial filmmaking in the early '60s as a director, with Too Late Blues and A Child is Waiting. Despite … Continue reading Husbands – Blu-Ray Review

Long Day’s Journey Into Night (1962) – Blu-Ray Review

Sidney Lumet was at a crossroads when he was making Long Day's Journey Into Night in 1962. He was then still making "prestige pictures," and this would be the last of his early-period pictures, with 12 Angry Men being the only true masterpiece. They all came out of his live TV and Off-Broadway work, and were often filmed plays. … Continue reading Long Day’s Journey Into Night (1962) – Blu-Ray Review