The Fifth Element – Blu-Ray Review

At the time of release, The Fifth Element was the most expensive European film ever made. All of that money can be seen on the screen. Director Luc Besson dreamt of making this project for years, and his passion is clear in the detailed sets and complex world-building. His unique sensibilities created a unique sci-fi … Continue reading The Fifth Element – Blu-Ray Review

The Man Who Laughs – Blu-Ray Review

The Man Who Laughs is a silent melodrama tinged with horror. The opening act is filled with some of the most disturbing imagery of the silent era, as we see iron maidens, hanging bodies, and ships in the fog, all presented in an abstract way. A boy is deliberately disfigured. The terror of this prologue … Continue reading The Man Who Laughs – Blu-Ray Review

Chasing the Light by Oliver Stone – Book Review

Chasing the Light is Oliver Stone's first memoir—but probably not his last, given that it ends at the Oscar party for his win of best director/best film for Platoon. Stone's Facebook page has had various promotional blurbs from his contemporaries, and Paul Schrader's sums up the book very well "Oliver Stone's story is the story of … Continue reading Chasing the Light by Oliver Stone – Book Review

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Blu-Ray Review

The long-awaited third instalment of the Bill & Ted series is on the horizon, so it's natural that the first and probably best (so far), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, will get the remastered special edition treatment. Bill & Ted are very much a pair that fills the gap between Cheech & Chong and Kevin … Continue reading Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Blu-Ray Review

The Lady Eve – Blu-Ray Review

1941 was a very good year for Preston Sturges: he released The Lady Eve and what is probably his masterpiece, Sullivan's Travels, although I have a special fondness for the extremely dark Unfaithfully Yours. In the same year she starred in The Lady Eve, Barbara Stanwyck also had leading roles in Meet John Doe and Ball of Fire, and before the year … Continue reading The Lady Eve – Blu-Ray Review