A Soldier’s Story – Blu-Ray Review

A Soldier's Story is a film Norman Jewison made in 1984, which was based on the play A Soldier's Play by Charles Fuller. Fuller’s play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and remains his best-known work, no doubt due to the film adaptation, which Fuller also wrote. The film is kind of a companion piece … Continue reading A Soldier’s Story – Blu-Ray Review

Tenet – Blu-Ray Review

I wrote a previous review of Tenet for comingsoon.net, so this won’t be a completely standard review—it’s more like some thoughts about Tenet after the fact, including its impact on the film industry, on the occasion of it being released on Blu-Ray. Obviously, Tenet came out in August and was not quite the film that rescued cinema, which had been what Warner Bros. was … Continue reading Tenet – Blu-Ray Review

Roald Dahl’s The Witches – Blu-Ray Review

The new version of The Witches shamefully adds “Roald Dahl's” to the title, as if to suggest the long-dead writer would've approved of the adaptation... He didn't like 1990 version, so there no way in hell he would've liked this reimagining. The film's director, Robert Zemeckis, dismissed the original film, claiming that his version was … Continue reading Roald Dahl’s The Witches – Blu-Ray Review

David Cronenberg’s Crash – Blu-Ray Review

Reportedly, David Cronenberg hadn’t read any J. G. Ballard until a journalist sent him a copy of Ballard’s 1973 novel Crash at some point during the late '80s, the critic was adamant that Cronenberg was the man to make the film adaptation. I don't quite buy that, given how clear the influence of Ballard has been on Cronenberg's work from the get-go, but maybe it was an indirect link … Continue reading David Cronenberg’s Crash – Blu-Ray Review