The Ascent – Blu-Ray Review

The Ascent is a film by Russian filmmaker Larisa Shepitko, who was married to Elem Klimov, the director of Come and See. Shepitko died young in 1979 due to a car crash, just two years after The Ascent came out. At that point Klimov, who had up until then had directed mainly black comedies but … Continue reading The Ascent – Blu-Ray Review

The World To Come – Sundance 2021 Review

The World to Come is the latest entrant in the recent trend of the lesbian period drama. You can probably trace this trend back to the success of Todd Haynes' Carol, but in the last year alone you have had Tell It To the Bees, Ammonite and the best of the bunch, Portrait of a … Continue reading The World To Come – Sundance 2021 Review

The Nightingale – Blu-Ray Review

The Nightingale is Jennifer Kent’s extremely controversial follow-up to The Babadook. It’s a much better film that her previous feature, but caused quite a stir when it played various festivals. For example, one festival-goer stormed out shouting “I’m not watching this, she’s already been raped twice.” This particular person may have had a personal history … Continue reading The Nightingale – Blu-Ray Review