Masculin Féminin – Blu-Ray Review

It's 1966, and Jean Luc-Godard has just released Pierrot Le Fou, which for my money washis last true masterpiece. He comes close a couple more times, but that initial spark is startingto fade. His marriage to his muse, Anna Karina, was over and he has hooked up with an evenyounger lover Anne Wiazemsky. She who would … Continue reading Masculin Féminin – Blu-Ray Review

Jungle Fever – Blu-Ray Review

Jungle Fever was a Spike Lee joint, coming out the year before Malcolm X. It was a bit of a comeback after Mo’ Better Blues, which was not very well received. The film has a big ensemble cast that gives it a bit of a Robert Altman vibe. Wesley Snipes leads as Flipper Purify, a … Continue reading Jungle Fever – Blu-Ray Review

Someone to Watch Over Me – Blu-Ray Review

Ridley Scott was coming off of three films in a row that had been incredibly difficult shoots and went over-budget: Alien, Blade Runner and Legend. In the case of the last two, Scott went to war with the studios over the final cut of the films and lost—until his director's cuts were finally released years later. He needed to … Continue reading Someone to Watch Over Me – Blu-Ray Review

Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Blu-Ray Review

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is loosely based on Cameron Crowe's book of the same name, which were his observations of teenage life in southern California, based on going undercover as a high school student at 22. The project was the culmination of his work as a teenage journalist at Rolling Stone magazine, although the book … Continue reading Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Blu-Ray Review